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Wondering Why Should You Use BulkSMS?

SMS messaging is not a new technology. The first text message was sent over 20 years ago, and since then, its worldwide presence has skyrocketed. More than 8 trillion messages were sent in 2013, and the numbers are expected to keep growing in both 2014 and 2015.

But, why is that so? Surely, specialised IM (instant message) apps are cheaper and more flexible. Mobile e-mail has been present for many years as well.

Why, then, is SMS still the biggest messaging medium in the telecommunications industry? Why, with all the technological breakthroughs in the last decade, SMS continues to grow? The answer is actually really simple. SMS is more than a technology or a tool. It has become a way of thinking, an integral part of our lives. It’s familiar, intimate. It’s completely platform, operator, and handset independent. Despite its shortcomings, it continues to be most popular because it’s comfortable.

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Here is Where We Stand Out

It’s what’s inside that counts, that’s why we’ve built the world’s top A2P SMS platform from the ground up.

Intelligent Route Optimization

Fast, reliable delivery avoids network congestion. Conversion tracking and multiple KPIs are used to impact route performance for best-in-class communications delivery.

Any Coding

From an IoT device, a modem or an app, and over unicode. Your messages will get delivered and read in their intended format.

Automated SMS Logic

When you have a lot to communicate, we build easily readable concatenated messages. Prebuilt SMS logic allows you to focus on your core competences, while we deliver.

Inbound Message Management

Filter, sort and group inbound messages to more efficiently manage multiple campaigns. Manage messages with our fully-featured Infobip Portal, email, SMPP, or HTTP push and pull.