What are email ports for smtp, pop and imap

Incoming (receiving) email protocols:

  • POP3:
    • Unencrypted Port: 110
    • Encrypted/Secure Port: 995
    • Encryption Type: SSL or TLS
  • IMAP:
    • Unencrypted Port: 143
    • Encrypted/Secure Port: 993
    • Encryption Type: SSL or TLS

Outgoing (sending) email protocols:

  • SMTP:
    • Unencrypted Port: 25
    • Encrypted/Secure Port: 587
    • Encryption Type: STARTTLS
  • SMTPS:
    • Unencrypted Port: N/A
    • Encrypted/Secure Port: 465
    • Encryption Type: SSL or TLS


Note that for SMTPS, there is no unencrypted port available, as it always uses encryption to secure the connection. Also, STARTTLS is a protocol that allows an existing unencrypted connection to be upgraded to an encrypted one during the email transmission process.

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